Ceci Giltenan and Vida Ruthven

So those who know me know I’m a massive fan of Ceci’s work.
Highland solution is still one of my favourite books and I can reread it and still love it!
I’ve reviewed it both on Amazon and here. You should definitely read it.

But what I really wanted to share with you was Ceci’s competition to name her new heroine for the Duncurra series, this one will be Tomas’s tale.
Well, I won.
I submitted the name Vida which is my beloved dogs name. now, wait it’s not strange. Vida has a lovely meaning, in Scottish the name means friend and in Latin it means life. That’s how my puppy got the name, Friend for Life and i’m honoured and proud that Ceci has chosen it.
And the best news is how many people have commented on how much they also like the name and how well it fits what we know of her character.
I can’t wait for this book!

Don’t forget to check out Ceci’s blog.
I know her name now…


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