Emma.2014,JuneSo, Hi!!!


I always find these impossibly hard to write.
If you’re here then it’s most likely because you read one of my books and you are interested in learning more about them. Or, off course, you may have been sent here through one of the Internets mystery rollercoaster rides that take you everywhere but where you long to be! I’m hoping you’re here for me!

Here goes….

Born in Lanark, Scotland in late November 1984, I have always been passionate about writing. It was the answer I gave everyone in response to them asking what I was going to do when I grew up.
Like most, it became a dream when the real world came with bills and so I entered the work force. In fact I entered many before finding anything I was actually particularly interested in. Training hard and enjoying the constant battle of wills against preschool children, I really enjoyed myself.
Unfortunately, six years of training in my health refused to co-operate any further and I become unable to work.
I suffer from depression and uncontrolled epilepsy. I have never understood those who were embarrassed by their conditions and I am not.
They are simply part of my life.

Besides, they opened up the opportunity to take my random scrawled notes and tease them into real books.

I did initially go to a standard publisher and was thrilled when they were very impressed, however the amount of ‘Americanization’ they wanted put me off.
I’m sorry but for me spelling colour as color is just a spelling mistake.

So I chose to go it alone! And it’s bloody scary stuff!


Now I’m lucky to have a very, very supportive family.
My long-suffering husband, Mark puts up with many late dinners and paper strewn everywhere. (I always write the first draft on paper, I just like doing it this way better. Me and computers have a hate/hate sort of relationship!!). I have parents, Wull and Angie who never told me that I couldn’t do it and who have supported me fully My grandmother, Mary has been reading my writing my whole life and is already demanding the next work to be released. And ALL of my family have been supportive and proud.
Best reaction? Kim, my older sister, informed me she had even found me on google!!!

I couldn’t have done it without their support.




Currently we live in a market town in Norfolk, England. A rather small, one bedroomed place that my husband and I squeeze into with a fish tank full of brightly coloured tropical fish, our grumpy old Ginger cat, Gid, our white Norweigan Forest cat, Nessie and our beautiful Northern Inuit puppy, Vida.


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