I will be reviewing aswell.
A book, a film, an item.
If there is something in particular you would like to see reviewed then point me in the general direction and I’ll see what I can do. (Hint, if you would like me to review a Lamborghini then I will need you to send one to me!)
So please, serious suggestions only, please.



Kathryn Loch
Vonda Sinclair
Nina Mason
E. L. James
Glynnis Campbell
Serenity Woods
Adriana Law
B J Scott


Natasha Preston


Allie Brosh
Ryoko San
Where’s The Zombie
Zachary Rowell


Scottish Cooking



Iain Rob Wright



The Scottish Crannog Centre

Camera Obscura, Edinburgh

Pitlochry, Scottish Town. Elemental, Heathergems, food, activities and places to stay.

The Wheelhouse, Linlithgow. Holiday Rental

Highland Folk Museum

Edinburgh Zoo

Jim Clark F1 driver Museum

John Knox House, Edinburgh

Liarn Farm. Dog friendly cottages in Pitlochry

5 Sisters Zoo




Sillicon playstation controller cover thingy..


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