Sneek Peek from Highland Fairlings – Book Two – Ebha – July 2014

Sneek Peek from Highland Fairlings – Book Two – Ebha
(July 2014, currently in editing still so no release date yet.)



Alasdair Brothaigh threw his hands in the air, his frustration clear as he turned to his beloved wife, “I blame ye!”
Ina appeared startled at first but then settled loving eyes on her husband, “just let her be.”
Ebha turned to face her father in surprise at his next words.
“Ebha, ye were raised tay be a dutiful wife. Ye have always known yer destiny.” Reaching out a large calloused hand he smoothed back one of her wild curls, “Know this. Ye do not honour yer husband and ye shame yer whole clan tay be thinking tay present yerself in such rags,” he indicated the well worn dress she had pilfered from a scullery maid,”Ye only make things harder than they need be.”
Her mother moved closer, looking up at her,”Farrell Quainn IS yer husband. Ye ken that. Ye shame me.Ye have nay been so rude as this afore but ye are a woman so ye say, so do as ye please. I was once young and spoilt but yer da saw through my faults and loved me. I only hope yer husband can see the real ye and nay what yer thinking tay show.” Her mothers eyes looked bright with unshed tears, “Whether ye like it or not, he is yer husband and he may treat ye how he chooses. If ye presented the wife we had hoped ye would be, then ye may convince love and happiness tay blossom. What ye are doing now shows only insolence and disrespect.” Sucking in a deep breath bright blue eyes met and held her own, “Today ye disappoint me, and I am shamed tay call ye my daughter.”
Ebha gasped, her own tears flowing, as her normally gentle and jovial mother rushed from the room.


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