Tuesdays Teaser. 12 August 2014. Ina

 Look under the medieval/historic romance post for information on the many places you can now purchase Highland Fairlings Book one Ina.

“As the enemy, begun to succumb to the Brothaigh warriors superior skills Alasdair stalked the cowardly Hamish as he tried to recapture the lass.
The poor wee thing was attempting to wield a weapon that was much larger than her small frame whilst her injured companion tried to pull her closer to where he slumped.
Distracted momentarily by the injured man’s, possessive handling Alasdair wondered at the lovers. Who were they? He was expecting no visitors and whilst they were close to the borders of his land, it was still his and that they were upon.
Against his will, he could not help but notice the curves of the woman, even if she did look far too skinny. Her dark red hair was matted in areas and the small, pale hands refused to discard the too large weapon.”



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