It’s Thursday!!!!!! And a little sneek peek… Sshhhh, don’t tell…


No Thursday thought this week, so very very very very sorry… But I have a really good reason..


Tippity tapping away on the computer desperatley trying to ignore husband.
Typing two at once.
Journey is almost set.

Highland Fairlings – Book Two Ebha will be in the new year.

But just for you here’s a little sneeky peek at both…


I hurried to Gracie’s side, sliding to a kneeling position beside her, my hands fluttered wildly about looking for the cause of the blood flowing across her arm and her chest. She clutched futilely at the arm, pulling it into her chest and trying to hold the wound closed.

Craig hit the floor beside me, his young legs hurtling him to the scene faster than the others. His hands pushed Gracie’s aside as he replaced them with his own, squeezing tight in the hopes of easing the spray of blood.

I saw the tears that leaked from the corner of Gracie’s eyes as they travelled erratically and unseeing around her. She blinked several times, each closing of her eyes becoming harder to open and then they shut and stayed shut.

Her chest heaved in a rattling breath and then was still. No exhale. She was gone.

“No!” Craig shouted, tears falling freely from his own eyes as he clutched the wound tighter, “Gracie, get up. Get up!”

Seth pulled Craig away, his superior strength making the job of holding the thrashing boy easier for him than any of us. I remained where I was, frozen in despair as James bent to Gracie, his questing fingers searching for any signs of life. His hands were replaced by his face as he leant towards her mouth seeking even a tremor of breath.

He looked up, his glistening eyes meeting my own as he lightly shook his head in confirmation of what we already knew.

Highland Fairlings – Book Two – Ebha

“Yer room?” his black eyes continued to undress her mentally, “Surely ye mean the room of yer lady.”

Ebha quickly hid the surprise she felt at his words. Off course, he must be part of the visiting Quainn’s to roam so freely. He would not know her and dressed as she was she would obviously appear a maid. Clenching her hands behind her she decided to continue her ruse, she saw no reason to correct his assumption of her identity. If he knew not who she was then he would have nothing to report to his master as she was certain, he must be sent to spy upon her.

“I am afraid, sir, that the Lady Ebha has already descended to the great hall.”

If she had thought that her quietly spoken words would halt his predatory approach then, she was mistaken. Stepping back as he approached she found herself quickly trapped between his large frame and the cold stone of the wall.

Her looked at her in such an unusual and overly familiar way that her insides quivered in a disconcerting way. He stared at her with those dark eyes as though he could see all the way to her very soul, his hot gaze burning her blood and causing a feeling like molten liquid to carry within her. He raised his hand and gently touched her cheek eliciting such strange thoughts within her that she could barely breathe.



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