Ebha – Highland Fairlings Book Two

“Damn it all to hell.” Alasdair’s hand slammed heavily onto the blemished table in agitation.
Moving from the heavily carved chair he had been sitting on he quickly approached his spouse before any other could witness her blatant disrepectfulness. Dragging her boldly and harshly from the room and the prying eyes of her clans men he propelled her through hallways and forcing her into the large chamber he had been granted for the duration of his stay.
Spinning her to face him his initial anger faded as he beheld her alluring luscious curves.
“It would please me greatly to view you many times in this dress, “ he hoarsely whispered as he fingered the plunging neckline, “but within the privacy of our own accommodations. I would be pleased to peruse your charms anytime that you wish to present me, and only me, with such a wanton display.”
She let out an agitated noise and crossed her arms angrily across her chest seemingly unaware of the position it raised her tempting breasts to and the threat of the two orbs freeing themselves from the constriction they were laced within.
Unable to withstand what he was being presented with, Farrell reached for her, his fingers deftly untying laces before she could halt his movements. His swift actions and the design of her clothing immediately displayed her curves for his eager perusal.
Ignoring her startled gasp and her attempt to cover herself he gripped both of her wrists within own of his own, lifting her arms above her head and causing the delightful breasts to push further forwards in a most delightful and inciting manner. He moved his eager hand quickly testing the weight and curve of her bountiful breast within his hand, aware of the smooth softness of her flesh compared to the harsh callouses of his battle hardened hands. Holding tightly still to her wrists he forced her to remain his captive despite her futile yet alluring attempts to free herself.


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