Kathryn Loch – Rest In Peace – A wonderful woman and author






Kathryn Loch was a fantastic author and a sweet, kind and generous woman. I found her work in The Demon Laird. This book spoke to me in so many ways and made me smile. She always made time to talk with me and I loved that about her. Kathryn will be missed by many. The world is missing a fantastic woman. My thoughts are with her family as they go through this trying time.

Posted by
Jenny Toney Quinlan
VA, United States

“This morning I received the news that my lovely client and friend Kathryn Loch passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Friday. I’m stunned. She was only 49, and she leaves behind a devoted husband of 24 years and a teenage son. Kath and I worked together on eleven published novels and had several more in the works. It breaks my heart that someone who was so full of life and laughter, and who still had so many more stories to tell, won’t get the chance to share them. Ours was a wonderful collaborative relationship, a true meeting of the romance-loving minds and hearts. In recent years, she was living the dream, becoming a bestselling Amazon author and earning enough from the sales of her novels to quit her day job and devote all of her time to her writing, painting, and 3D illustrating, and I was honored to be part of her journey. She was just as encouraging of me and my business as I was of hers, and I will miss her terribly.
I spoke with her husband this morning, and though I do not yet know how, I am determined to help him ensure that her legacy will live on through her stories.
As you’re going about your busy lives, please take a moment to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, to not put off your dreams for another day, to be grateful for every second on this earth, for none of us are guaranteed the next. And please say a prayer for my partner, my mentor, my friend, Kathryn Loch.”







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