Photographer – Mihaela Noroc

“Beauty means diversity and I travel the world to discover it. From Western Europe to African Tribes, and from Rio de Janeiro to China, I try to capture, in my photos, natural and diverse faces.  In my opinion, beauty means to keep alive your origins and your culture. To be natural, sincere, authentic, particular, not necessary fashion.”


Mihaela Noroc is a  30 years old photographer from Bucharest, Romania. She visited more than 60 countries with backpack and camera.
She meets many diverse people, goes beyond the surface and discovers their sincere and authentic side, to photograph it.
In the last few years she has worked hard, saved some money and started the project of her life: The Atlas of Beauty.



Her goal is to continue for many years and to study beauty in all countries of the globe, if possible, making this Atlas a project known around the world and an inspiration for all women that try to be themselves.
She is doing this as a completely independant project and so any and all support for her is incredibly received with gratitude.

She is an amazing photography and I relish being able to enjoy her work for many years to come.





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