Turn off the lights, curl up under the duvet and prepare to become addicated to Ian Rob Wright




Fancy something a little scary?
What about a lot scary?
Are you brave enough to pick up a book that may alter your whole life? You are? So what about if instead of one book, I told you there were 5…..
Still brave enough?
Iain Rob Wright is a master in his genre. He’ll have you looking at everything in your life differently. The kid who smiles at you… The luxury cruise…Your safety within your own home…Iain is the reason that dark street suddenly seems so menacing and if you let him, he’ll introduce you to a whole bunch of things that go bump in the night! And bump in the morning, afternoon and evening too…
Think you’re safe? Think again!

Pick up a book and you’re hooked for a while and desperate for more. Pick up a boxset and say goodbye to sleeping as you’re dragged in to the unexplainable and frightening possesion of a once happy ten year old boy. Learn to just give in and buy the cigerettes for the group of youths, because they just will find you. A little bit of snow is good clean fun, but what’s hiding in the behind the bluster when the snow just won’t stop? If the game show with the £2 million prize seems too good to be true, it probably is. And you should never, ever expect to relax on that life-changing cruise…..


This is the description of each full length novel included in this boxset.

SAM (Book 1)

First came The Exorcist. Then came The Omen. Now there’s another creepy child to keep you awake at night. You’ll never see the ending coming.

When a washed-up priest and a skittish ghost hunter are summoned to a vast countryside estate, they have no idea what to expect. A grief-stricken mother wants them to help her sick child and investigate a recent string of accidents around her home. It’s clear that something unexplained is going on, but their initial observations point only to a single suspect: 8-year old Sammie. Yet, while it’s clear that little Sammie is a very peculiar child, there’s surely no way he could have been behind the long list of accidents and deaths. He’s just a child…

Sammie has a secret. Want to hear it?

ASBO (Book 2)

A terrifying novel for fans of Eden Lake, the Girl Next Door, and the Purge.

A gentle family man’s life is forever changed when he refuses to buy a pack of cigarettes for the local gang of youths. Led by the emotionally unstable and sadistic Frankie, the gang target the man and his family in an escalating campaign of terror and violence that will threaten their very lives. If only he’d bought those damn cigarettes.

ASBO. Your fear is their entertainment…


Iain Rob Wright’s debut novel is a masterclass in suspense and is sure to keep you guessing

What would you do if it started snowing in every country in the world? Would you panic? For a ragtag group of strangers at a run-down English pub, the best solution is a pint of beer with a shot of denial — but one by one they will be left with no choice but to accept that something sinister is lurking outside in the snow. Something that will never let them see light of day.


Ten days, twelve competitors, two million in cash.

What at first seems like a wonderful opportunity for Damien Banks turns out to be the worst nightmare he can imagine. Trapped inside a house with eleven strangers and a booming voice known only as ‘The Landlord’, Damien is forced to compete not only for the money, but for his life.

Let the games begin…

SEA SICK (Book 5)

A novel unlike anything else. A story that is equal parts Dawn of the Dead and Groundhog Day. An unforgettable classic.

Police Officer Jack Wardsley’s life ended the moment his partner died. His recent record of brutality, and a reputation for not following the rules, has prompted his seniors to give him an ultimatum: find a way to let go of all the anger – or find another job. That’s why he’s about to board The Spirit of Kirkpatrick, a cruise liner built for relaxation and fun. Pretty soon, however, Jack will realise that a little fun in the sun is the last thing he’s going to get. There’s a virus onboard and it’s driving people insane. Jack needs to put all that anger to good use and find out who’s responsible, before it’s too late.”