Sunday Review – 27 July 2014

Demon Laird by Kathryn Loch

“They say he made a deal with the devil. Now the devil demands his due.”

“Captured and tortured by the English during Longshanks’s war against the Scots, Ronan MacGrigor finds the strength to escape, only to suffer the fear and rejection of his own clan. Forced to stalk the shadows at night, Ronan becomes a prisoner of illness, fear, and memories.
Fearing for his life, his brother summons a healer whose reputation borders on that of a miracle worker, but she comes from the land of the Sassenach, the very people who tried to destroy Ronan.
A foundling, Lia knows little about wars or politics, she knows only how to treat the wounds they create, and her dedication to healing knows no borders.
But the Demon Laird cannot abide a Sassenach within his home, and when a mysterious plague strikes the villagers, he looks to the woman of an enemy nation to be its cause. Even in the face of Ronan’s hatred of her and the superstitious fear of the clan, Lia knows she must stand for the truth.
Despite their fear of him, Ronan’s only goal is to protect his clan from the vicious war raging around them, but when the enemy is at his gates, the Demon Laird must answer. Lia wages her own war, that of healing the soul of a tormented laird—where all others have fled in terror, she refuses to run.
The villagers whisper of a curse—the Demon Laird made a deal with the devil—now the devil demands his due. “

I do not remember if I purchased this when it was free or maybe only about £1. Either way I bought it on a whim without even reading the product description or any of the reviews.
I was not disappointed!
It was almost instantly that I fell in love with the brothers, Ronan and Aidan, I’ll come back to Aiden later. The prologue starts by explaining to you how they were when they were growing up and introduces you to their mischievous, very different and yet close personalities. The rest of the book then goes on to weave a tale concentrating on their grown lives.
The author, Kathryn Loch, has made even the secondary characters in the book really interesting making you long to know all their story’s.
The heroine in this tale is Lia, an English orphaned healer who travels to the waring Scotland where she knows her heritage will make her untrusted. She isn’t wrong.
Due to his serious injuries resulting from capture, torture and his escape it is not Ronan who decides to send for the healer but his younger brother Aidan. Ronan is instantly suspicious of Lia and demands her immediate removal. As she is feeling worried about having to leave and where she would go she makes herself useful by caring for ill clans-people with an unknown affliction.
We see how she turns their image of her as a witch to the clan accepting her presence as she struggles to cure the ill.  During this we see her continued struggle to both finding the cause of the illness and to allow Ronan to accept her treatment.
I don’t want to give too much away, you’ll have to read it to find out more.
I will say this, finding out that the affliction from which Ronan suffers is Epilepsy, it spoke to me personally. It was intriguing to find out how the illness was portrayed, received and treated.
Coming back to Aidan, he features in his own book, , which I own but have not had the chance to read yet. I love the thought of his ‘birds’.
My overall verdict is that if you haven’t read this then do so. Oh but read , it’s the 1st book in the Legacy of the Mist Clans.
Kathryn is a very talented writer who I would strongly recommend.!/kathryn.loch.92?fref=ts


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