Teaser Tuesday! Tuesday July 29th

Your Tuesday teaser comes from Ina – Highland Fairlings – Book One

Available to buy (Check out where in the medieval/ancient romance tab.)


“Donaldina Elliot!”

Ina looked towards the kitchen door, no longer hiding her actions from her upset father’s furious eyes.

Still her fathers impressive muscular form did not hint to his advancing years as he took up the space of the doorframe. His hands on his hips he looked angrily at Ina where she stood.

Walking slowly around the counter where she had been working kneading bread she wiped her floured hands on the already stained brown gown she wore. An annoying curl was escaping in the steamy heat of the room and frizzing before her eyes.

“Whit are ye doing in the damn kitchens again” Her father’s loud bellow frightened many of the other staff who found themselves suddenly working at the opposite of the room to them, “Ye are a Lady, Ina. Ladies dinna work in the kitchen.”



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