My Dream Office/Study

I read  this post by Playfully Tacky and decided I wanted to have a go.

Now I actually love my big old desk but it got me thinking about my own dream study and how I would furnish it….


So I thought long and hard as this would be the room I would mostly be in and I trailed through thousands of photos and sites to find just what would be perfect for me.


Now my animals are really important to me and actually spend a lot of time right next to me. The dogs bed is next to the desk and when I can convince the cats not to be on top of whatever I’m working on, they sleep on the desk shelves. So, I’d sort them out. Below is a bed for Jazz, a really cool scratching, climbing post and I’d add shelves specifically for them so they’d not climb mine.



And so with the animals taken care of I’d get the desk.


I love it, it’s not something you’d see everyday anywhere else. I love the fact that it’s very natural feeling.
Now the desk chair was harder.I could get one to match the desk but realistically if you’re spending vast amounts of time there you want a big, sturdy, comfy  thing.


I actually think both are ugly but they look comfy at least.


I’d have these chairs dotted around. Just with my favourite books in them. If I’m getting a dream office then next door I want a dream library, picture the one in Disney Beauty and the Beast!

But I’d also need a comfy chair, I found this one,


But the one I’d really want I can never find. Cast your mind back to the nineties, remember the hot chocolate advert for Cadbury’s, the tune was show me heaven and she sinks into this lush, deep, purple chair.. That’s the one I’d want.

Now I did a little extra thinking here aswell. I give you my lighting.


My soft furnishing, rug, curtains and cushions.



I love it. The only thing missing for me would be a view. To be assured of the one I want I’d get one of those big wall mural things.


Now my office wouldn’t suit every one but it suits me. It’s a mix of everything I love and I don’t care if things mach or not.

Now all I  need to do is win the lottery so I can get it all!!!!!!! Rest assured people if you buy my books then this is what I’m saving up for!


Oh and while I wouldn’t want them in my dream office I love these so just had to share them with you..



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