Sneak Peeks from Highland Fairlings Book One: Ina



This is a peek from Chapter Ten of Highland Fairlings Book One:Ina

The Book can be purchsed here

Alternatively, if you go to this page you’ll find the links for purchase from
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Sneak Peeks from Highland Fairlings Book One: Ina

Sneak Peeks from Highland Fairlings Book One: Ina

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This is a peek from chapter one of Highland Fairlings Book One:Ina

The Book can be purchsed here

Alternatively, if you go to this page you’ll find the links for purchase from
Barnes and Noble

M is for…


M is for…





There isn’tany music, any genre, that doesn’t make you think. Every note and melody resonates something within you. All music touches people in various ways, it means something different to each and every one of us.
I love it all!
I don’t have a favourite genre, or a favourite song because I love it all!
Music touches me in ways words can’t explain. Not my words anyway…


So many talented musicians are out there. I respect them all.

In memory of Jazz


Yesterday (Sunday 17th May) I lost my beloved dachshund, Jazz. And then this morning I woke for the first time without her.
Jazz 2013DSCF1153DSCF1150DSCF1057DSCF104110676292_841677759237907_7369654839343782323_n

My little Jazz is with me all day, every day. We spend every minute together. Literally!

Early on we found she was sensitive to my epilepsy and changing moods.  She became my constant companion and so the prospect of being without her hurts.

A lot.

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So now I need to learn to be without her. And i need to find a way to remember that she’s no longer in pain. Wherever it is they go she’s happy there.

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So whilst I spend a while in my thoughts of my happy little doggy I leave you with some pictures of her.
To make you smile.

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H is for…


H is for



Mine is called Mark. He is wonderful, helps proof read, type, suplies an endless stream of pens and paper.
In Scotland he carried my little dog to the top of a castle so she wouldn’t whine for me at the bottom.


He also tested and then described the feelings of every device/machine at the Crannog aswell as making sure I had brilliant, detailed photos.



F is for….


F is for..



I hear you as you go, what? But it’s true.

Facebook has been a  miracle for me. It allows me to communicate with fans. And it also set me up with many novelist friends. I wouldn’t have had the guts to push ahead without the wonderful people I’ve met and became friends with.

E is for…


E is for Ebha.

The daughter of Alasdair and Ina, Ebha features as Book two’s heroine.

The above picture is how she looks in my mind, it’s how I imagine here when I’m writing.
She is a lot more complex a character than I initially thought. I’m really enjoying her story but it’s hard work!!

D is for…


D is for….



So as corny as it sounds that is exactly how it started for me with the Highland Fairling series.
I know people say it countless times but it really is how it all happened. I  was at the top of Benmore, admiring the veiw, pretending to be healthy and basically praying my unfit body wouldn’t explode when the daydream of the initial battle came to me.
After that the imagry became the prologue for Book One of the Highland Fairling series and the rest built from there.

C is for…..


C is for Ceci!!

Ceci Giltenan

I actually found this book whilst searching for a factual book concerning the clan Ruthven. I bought it on a whim thinking it would pass an evening at some point.
I owned it for rather a while before attempting to read it.
But after a few pages I was hooked and couldn’t put it down, I have since re-read it about three more times, loving it and the depth of characters that Ceci Giltenan has created more and more each time.
You will be drawn into Katherine and Niall’s love story but you’ll also love the other characters you meet along the way. Little Tomas is very sweet, but I also desperately wanted to know more of Fingall, Tadhg, Turcuil and Father Colm. Maybe one day these characters may feature in more stories? You never know!
A big thank you must be said for Ceci Giltenan for her wonderful, heartfelt story that encompasses love, betrayals, action, adventure and suspense in the highlands of Scotland.

B is for……


B is for



On the same line as A, B is for Brothaigh. Alasdair Brothaigh is our hero in Book one of the Highland Fairling series.
Brothaigh is, or at least in some cases is, the older Gaelic version of Brodie. It was the placement of the clan aswell as some of their history that drew me to this clan for my hero.