U is for…


U is for…


Devotion to one’s wife is not nescersarily a bad thing.


It’s not just that way round, though.
Devotion in a marriage is important. Couples, weddings, marriage is essential to the world.
People go together.
It’s important to work together as a couple, to be the best partnership you can be..



R is for…


R is for…


Growing up I was always interested in the Ruthven history.

It’s fascinating!

Bloody, tragic…..

But it’s more than that. It’s every aspect.
The tartan, the historical documents. Paintings and facts and things to see and study..

Did you know that before there was Dracula, there was Lord Ruthven?
Did you know it was a Ruthven who married the famous artist Van Dyck, who was famed for royal portraits?
Or that Huntingtower Castle, the Ruthven seat, has some of the finest and oldest wall and ceiling decor ever?