U is for…


U is for…


Devotion to one’s wife is not nescersarily a bad thing.


It’s not just that way round, though.
Devotion in a marriage is important. Couples, weddings, marriage is essential to the world.
People go together.
It’s important to work together as a couple, to be the best partnership you can be..




H is for…


H is for



Mine is called Mark. He is wonderful, helps proof read, type, suplies an endless stream of pens and paper.
In Scotland he carried my little dog to the top of a castle so she wouldn’t whine for me at the bottom.


He also tested and then described the feelings of every device/machine at the Crannog aswell as making sure I had brilliant, detailed photos.



Language – A thought but not a Thursday Thought

Normally you would have to wait until a Thursday for a random thought for me but my husband leaving for work this morning just made me have to write this.


It’s a simple question, right? Or is it merely a trick question?
Now I admit to being lucky.

speech1(I’m looking above and can’t help wondering if that shouldn’t be spelt speach?)

Speech therapy as a child and then again in my late teens seemed to diminish any novelties in my speech and dialect.


And then there’s (Horrifying!!!) examples of a language all of its own that I don’t even begin to understand..


They are all accepted examples of English. I merely wonder how long it will be till people either all speak the same or do not understand each other at all.


What started this? You’ll recall above I said it was my husband. 12 years in a relationship and you find little things that are just yours. For us it’s our morning goodbye which we have done for years. I should point out that I’m from Lanarkshire, Scotland, and nuances of speech come from there and words do sneak in. My husband is from Norfolk, England.


Mark – I’ll see you later on.
That’s what it’s supposed to be, with his dialect it turns into..
Ah see ya late Ron.

To which my response has always been

Emma – Sure Ron, unless I’m invisible.



Point? I just love variations of language and speech. Aswell as little things couples do that they may not even notice anymore..