Language – A thought but not a Thursday Thought

Normally you would have to wait until a Thursday for a random thought for me but my husband leaving for work this morning just made me have to write this.


It’s a simple question, right? Or is it merely a trick question?
Now I admit to being lucky.

speech1(I’m looking above and can’t help wondering if that shouldn’t be spelt speach?)

Speech therapy as a child and then again in my late teens seemed to diminish any novelties in my speech and dialect.


And then there’s (Horrifying!!!) examples of a language all of its own that I don’t even begin to understand..


They are all accepted examples of English. I merely wonder how long it will be till people either all speak the same or do not understand each other at all.


What started this? You’ll recall above I said it was my husband. 12 years in a relationship and you find little things that are just yours. For us it’s our morning goodbye which we have done for years. I should point out that I’m from Lanarkshire, Scotland, and nuances of speech come from there and words do sneak in. My husband is from Norfolk, England.


Mark – I’ll see you later on.
That’s what it’s supposed to be, with his dialect it turns into..
Ah see ya late Ron.

To which my response has always been

Emma – Sure Ron, unless I’m invisible.



Point? I just love variations of language and speech. Aswell as little things couples do that they may not even notice anymore..


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