C is for…..


C is for Ceci!!

Ceci Giltenan



I actually found this book whilst searching for a factual book concerning the clan Ruthven. I bought it on a whim thinking it would pass an evening at some point.
I owned it for rather a while before attempting to read it.
But after a few pages I was hooked and couldn’t put it down, I have since re-read it about three more times, loving it and the depth of characters that Ceci Giltenan has created more and more each time.
You will be drawn into Katherine and Niall’s love story but you’ll also love the other characters you meet along the way. Little Tomas is very sweet, but I also desperately wanted to know more of Fingall, Tadhg, Turcuil and Father Colm. Maybe one day these characters may feature in more stories? You never know!
A big thank you must be said for Ceci Giltenan for her wonderful, heartfelt story that encompasses love, betrayals, action, adventure and suspense in the highlands of Scotland.


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