Review – Masturbation – Zachary Rowell



Review – Masturbation – Zachary Rowell

Written in a sing song rhyming way it’s a lot of crude fun!
There are cheeky little illustrations as well to make you laugh. Crude but incredibly funny. Obviously it’s for more mature people as it does have sexual content. (If you didn’t notice this by the title you’re in serious trouble!)


Review – Iain Rob Wright – Ravage



“First people got sick. Then they got really sick.”

” Still it’s probably nothing to worry about. People get sick all the time.”

If you don’t know already the suspected terrorist attack on the cruise liner, Spirit of Kirkpatrick, is from the book by the same author, Seasick. It is not necessary to the book to read Seasick first, but it’s a nice little fact, I think. Jan’s son Damien is a character in Final Storm. I love how Iain Rob Wright uses connections like this.

Nick Adams is our lead. Unsatisfied in his phone shop managerial job he seems to nevertheless be a nice guy. Going home to his wife and son he does seem worried as they’re both becoming ill with what is presumed to be a particularly virulent flu bug. Accidentally killing his rabid son he is unable to reach emergency services and then has to combat his rabid wife.
Things are not going well for Nick.

There is a nice and realistic feeling to Nick. He seems exactly like a normal bloke and you go along with him as he struggles to cope with and understand the devastation happening around him.
We meet Eve and Dave and Pauline as well as the other passengers on the bus that Dave drives. We see their first deliberate violence against the infected and the confusion and effect it has on them.
We hear Nick make the old horror movie mistake. “I think we’re through the worst of it. This day can’t get any worse.”
Never, ever mention those words. Things can and do ALWAYS get worse.

“I think crazy got invited to the party today.”

Introducing Annaliese in part two and allowing us to follow another characters point of view and experience of the virus is refreshing and appreciated. We watch as she finishes a gruelling shift as a zoo vet and how she first comes into contact with the infected.

“The sudden fright sent shockwaves of adrenaline through her veins.”

“Like a starving animal, he sunk his teeth into her windpipe, cutting dead her screams and reducing them to a pained gargle.”

‘Annaliese shook her head. “This wasn’t your fault.”
“No,” he said, thrusting the bloody meat tenderiser in her face. “You’re right. It’s your fault.”

We’ve seen Nick risk himself to save the other members of his little group of survivors and bore witness to Dave attempting to be the group leader. We now see this with Annaliese as Shawcross attempts leadership and Anna is willing to risk her life so her small group of survivors have a chance to escape to safety.
I like that the settings are real. Nick ‘s house, the road, a bus, a hotel, a small animal park/zoo. Real places were you may attempt to remain safe and hidden during the whole end of the world zombie apocalypse thing.
I love that Annaliese’s character is flawed. She’s not a perfect hero. She has suffered in her life and she turned to drink to cope.
The scenes that involve her and Lily the orangutan are written so well. Seeing Lily loose her family too was heartbreaking in a way that only a skilled writer could make you feel.

“If we leave them down there to die, then we become the monsters.”

Part three reverts back to Nick ‘s view point. It shows the two groups of survived coming together.
I feel I need to point out that although this is a zombie horror, the zombies themselves are secondary to the trials of coping with the unexpectedness of the end of human life as we know it. It feels like so much more than a standard novel about zombies, Iain enthralls you with the dynamics of people and the complexities of the intermingling of people who would not normally mix.

“Their hands touched. Lily’s rough fingertips slid over the cold flesh on the back of Nick’s hand. She let out a soft hoot.”

The add of Lily brings a much deeper sympathy. You see people connect with her in so many ways and each is touching. I love the description in these scenes that capture you with a little bit of wonder in the otherwise bleak world of survival.

“You can’t stay here for long Lily. I’m sick, eventually I’ll get dangerous. But I think you understand that. For now though I’m glad you’re here. I hope you make it out of this mess better than me.”

Watch as power threatens to corrupt in even these dangerous times. See how the group divides and who makes it out.

Don’t stop after the epilogue. Read through Path of Infection Seasick to find out how Nick ends up in line after the boat explosion. This novel can stand alone but as I mentioned earlier Seasick explains what came first, and is set on the boat Spirit of Kirkpatrick, the one that exploded on the Mediterranean. Then the story continues in Savage.

Sillicon playstation controller cover thingy..

My husband has an amputated finger and often complained that the PS 3 controller was uncomfortable so when I bought the PS 4 I also purchased this.
Was certainly worth it. He says it makes the controller very comfortable to use for extended periods of time and it looks good too which is an additional bonus!

Cheap and comes in a variety of colours etc. Something to suit everything and easily the best buy for the PS4 to date. Added bonus is that it’s cheap aswell.

A Tuesday Sneak Peak

Both books are almost ready to go!!! Here are little sneaky looks at each!!


I longed for his eyes to open, the sparkle in his bright blue eyes always bought a smile to my face. His eyes that reminded me so much of my father’s eyes. I was always sad when I thought about how much my son would miss by not having his Grandpa in his life. I listened to the noises that the machines in the room made. They had a melody all of their own if you sat and listened to them day after day. But the only one that made sense to me was the steady beat coming from the heart monitor, this was the important to me, the one I really cared about. As long as that machine continued to drum then everything else would surely be fine. I looked at the others that cluttered the room, each of them giving off their own strange noise sending data out. I pictured the great supercomputer that I imagined must gather all of this information; I laughed as I imagined it sitting in the basement of the large hospital building consuming all the information from the many patients.

Highland Fairlings – Book Two – Ebha

“Look at the wee lass and say aye, Farrell.”
Doing as he was bid, Farrell watched the expressions of the surrounding witnesses. All looked tense and ready to leave.
Relieved when he was unbound from the lass he thought to remove his hand but his fathers strong grip stilled his actions. Kneeling beside him again, his fathers large hand dwarfed his as he spoke quietly, “Lad ye need tay give the lass a wee fairling. Something awfa special.”
Farrell’s free hand immediately and unconsciously sought the smooth surface of his newest treasure. Just a month past he had helped his uncle to skin the howling, raging demon monster that had plagued their lands and slaughtered their livestock. He heard the word wolf many times but to his ears the name did not do justice to the snarling, matted creature he had witnessed meet its end at the hands of his clan.
The tooth was his proudest possession. His gift to commemorate his first involvement with a hunt.
Unhappily he removed the leather thong from which it hung and pleaded silently with his father. He did not want to part with something so special, and he saw no reason that the blabbering lass would deserve such a fine trophy. And yet the soft look in his father’s eyes pleased him.
Pushing the tooth at the wee lass, he angrily watched as the bairn proceeded to shove it towards her mouth. Catching her hand, he grimaced, did the wee thing nay ken nothing? He tied the throng to her belt, using the knot that Alasdair had taught him to make sure that little fingers couldn’t pry it loose.
“Now, give the lass a wee kiss.”
He looked sharply at his father. Had the man lost his senses? He was Farrell Quainn, nine year old heir to these lands, and he didn’t go around kissing no baby’s.
“Do as I bid, mind.” His father reminded him.
Shocked and displeased at the command, he obeyed, leaning down and scrunching up his nose as he quickly pecked a kiss to a squidgy cheek.
He stood uncomfortably as the wee lass flung her arms around his legs, shocking him with the strength of her grip.

My Bookshelves – Week Beginning September 29th



My playlist is filled with Yiruma, I love him!

Vonda Sinclair


Today is the wonderful Vonda Sinclair’s birthday and I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing her a very happy day.



But wishing her a happy birthday this year I’m sure is tinged with sadness, you see, towards the end of last month I learnt that this glorious woman lost her beloved husband of 20+ years. No funeral for my family has ever been complete without a hymn that means a lot to me personally, and so I dedicate this video to what must have been a truly wonderful and inspiring man.
Vonda, my thoughts are with you.

Now I wish to to inrtoduce you or refamiliarise you with the wonderful works that inspire so many.


All the books in the Highland Adventure Series by Vonda Sinclair are standalone books, but they are also interrelated. I hope you enjoy them!

My Fierce Highlander (Book 1)
Gwyneth Carswell, an English lady banished by her father to the harsh Scottish Highlands, wants nothing more than to take her young son away from the violence of two fighting clans–her own distant kin, the MacIrwins, and their enemies, the MacGraths. She risks everything to rescue the fierce MacGrath warrior from the battlefield where he’s left for dead by her clan. She only knows she is inexplicably drawn to him and he wants peace as she does. When her clan learns of her betrayal, they seek vengeance. Dare she trust the enemy more than her own family?

Laird Alasdair MacGrath is driven to end two-hundred years of feuding with the MacIrwins. But by taking in and protecting Lady Gwyneth and her son, he provokes more attacks from his mortal enemy. As the danger and conflict surrounding them escalate, Alasdair and Gwyneth discover an explosive passion neither of them expected. With the arrival of a powerful man from her past, a horrible decision confronts her–give up her son or the man she loves.

Wonderfully packed with stunning love and wild adventures, Vonda Sinclair’s first book in the Highland Adventure series is just what an exciting Scottish historic romance should be.
Possibly sporting my all time favourite first line of any book I have EVER read, “A stiff breeze carried the scent of bruised grass and blood on its icy breath.” This line, for me, is instantly evocative of the battle that had took place and the harshness of the Highland weather. I am also thrilled with the first meeting, even if Alasdair is unconscious and therefore unaware of being hidden beneath the lady’s skirts.
Gwyneth’ s character is instantly likeable, within the first few pages you learn of her strength and bravery as she helps an unknown member of an enemy clan. You instantly know of her deep love for her small son and her aims for a better life for him.
McIrwin and Southwicke are obvious in their deplorable characters and yet at the same time Vonda Sinclair gives even them in-depth personalities explaining the horrid nature of their motives.
I love how Alasdair and Gwyneth both try so desperately to not give into their growing regard for each other. This book portrays the beauty of a love not understood and fought against only to be ultimately conceded to, set admist the beautiful highland backdrop of Kintalon this tale is extraordinarily stunning.
My favourite part of this book is probably the image of Alasdair standing before his fireplace and telling Gwyneth that he didn’t want her to leave. A swoon worthy moment if there ever was one!!!
So all in all I absolutely love this book, and the entire Highland Adventure series, this story also comes with a wonderful introduction to the character of Lachlan who is easily my favourite of all of Vonda Sinclair’s characters.
I truly believe that the very talented Vonda Sinclair gives you a little bit of magic in her creations and I would urge anyone who hasn’t experienced the delights of this author to do so now.

My Wild Highlander (Book 2)
Lady Angelique Drummagan, a half-Scottish, half-French countess, has suffered much pain and betrayal in her past. She wants nothing to do with the sensual Scottish warrior that the king has ordered her to marry because the rogue could never be a faithful husband, but she has little choice in the matter. Dangerous, greedy enemies threaten her from all sides and she’s in dire need of his protection. Sir Lachlan MacGrath, known as Seducer of the Highlands, possesses a charming wickedness and canny wit which has earned him much popularity. After the king decrees that he wed the fiery hellion, Lachlan discovers there is one woman who can resist him–Angelique. Can he break through her icy façade and melt her heart, or will the dark secrets lurking in her past not only cost them their future together, but their very lives?

What can I say? Again Vonda Sinclair has managed a completely unforgettable tale that refuses to allow you to put it down.
(I must admit to some bias being that Lachlan is my absolute favourite character.)
Who doesn’t secretly long fora sensual, wild Scottish highland warrior like Lachlan? He is easily one of my favourite characters created by the very talented Vonda Sinclair. I was half way towards being in love with him as he featured in his brothers tale, (My Fierce Highlander, Highland Adventure book one). Now after being fully introduced to him in his own tale I defy you to not swoon over his well thought out character.
The multiple layers of his personality shine through, easily highlighting this author’s superb talent and imagination. We see his passionate side, his gentle and caring side especially when it comes to his two small sons, we witness his fiercely protective side and his unerring loyalty and bravery. We watch as this complex character undergoes a complete transformation, going from an irresponsible and wildly womanizing man to the fierce chief and dedicated husband.
A wonderfully descriptive beginning shows how Lady Angelique Drummagan, certain that she despises all men, is an unwitting witness to Lachlan’ s more carnal desires. Naturally she believes herself to be immune to Lachlan’s charm and yet when offered a selection of three possible grooms it seems he is the best choice, not to mention the King’ s choice and so they wed. The wedding is a nice twist as we witness a night wedding with the bride barefoot and in disarray.
The disagreement over the next in line when the only heir is female is a central point to this tale and raises questions that are dealt with superbly.
Off course the absolute central of this is the unwitting love between Lachlan and Angelique. We watch as the couple argue ceaselessly, their behaviours and thoughts becoming entwined as a love that neither expected or wanted develops between the passionate couple. Angelique is the perfect heroine in this, her fiery and independent nature is exactly right.
Yet again Vonda Sinclair gives her gift to us all wrapped up in suspense, passion and intrigue. This author truly is a master of the written word and I look forward to reading her work for many years to come.

My Brave Highlander (Book 3)
Battle-hardened warrior Dirk MacLerie isn’t who everyone thinks he is. He’s Dirk MacKay, heir apparent to the MacKay chiefdom and Dunnakeil Castle on the far north coast of Scotland. When he returns home after a long absence, will his clan know him and will the duplicitous enemy who tried to murder him twelve years ago kill him in truth this time? Lady Isobel MacKenzie is a beautiful young widow betrothed to yet another Highland chief by her brother’s order. But when her future brother-in-law accosts her and threatens to kill her, she is forced to flee into a Highland snowstorm. When she runs into a rugged and imposing man she thought dead, she wonders if he will turn her over to her enemy or take her to safety. Dirk remembers the enchanting, dark-eyed Isobel from when he was a lad, but now she is bound to another man by legal contract—an important detail she would prefer to forget. She wishes to choose her own husband and has her sights set on Dirk. But he would never steal another man’s bride… would he? The tantalizing lady fires up his passions, testing his willpower and honor at every turn, even as some of his own treacherous clansmen plot his downfall.

Every book I read and reread by Vonda Sinclair reminds me again what a talented author she is. I absolutely love the Highland Adventure series, it is absolutely the best highland romance series I have had the pleasure to read.
I had almost forgotten the delights of Dirk and Isobel’s story. It truly is a tale of overcoming adversity. Poor Isobel, widowed already is forced to defend herself against her future brother in law and flee the home of her betrothed. It is by chance that herself and her faithful maid cross paths with Dirk, Rebbie and a man servant. Dirk is returning to his home after a long absence after his step mother repeatedly tried to kill him when he was a child.
Both have so much to overcome and whilst Dirk is certain he should honour Isobel and not take her as he wishes eventually they come together.
Theirs is a love match and they both seem so very suited to one another.
I truly hope the series continues, there are characters that stir me that I would love to see more of.
Again I am recommending these books to EVERYONE!! I promise you will not be disappointed!

My Daring Highlander (Book 4)
Beautiful and fiercely protective of those she loves, Lady Seona Murray captured Keegan MacKay’s attention when she first set foot in Dunnakeil Castle. Though she is a chief’s daughter and forbidden, Keegan has fallen in love with her from afar and burns to possess her. But so does the clan traitor, Haldane, an obsessive outlaw bent on murder and kidnapping. Sinfully handsome, Keegan MacKay is a fearsome guard as well as the chief’s cousin, but Seona’s father would never consider him a worthy husband for her because he is not a titled laird. Seona has secretly watched the sensual, tawny-haired warrior from across the crowded great hall for months, but when he is tasked with escorting her across Scotland, back to her home, their simmering attraction flames into sizzling passion with just one kiss. Though she fears she is endangering Keegan’s life, Seona cannot resist his seductive charm or his spellbinding kisses. Keegan sets fire to the memories of her sad past and shows her what it means to truly live. But her father has other plans. He’s arranged for her to marry a wealthy Lowland laird. Is Keegan daring enough to steal her away? Or will the vindictive Haldane snatch her first?

Keegan and Seona deserve happiness so much and in this story you’ll get to watch and feel with them as they fight obstacles to be true to themselves and claim each other as their own.
We see more of Haldane and McMurdo as they attempt time and again to kill Dirk and kidnap Seona. We’re witness to Haldane’s attempts becoming more and more desperate as he tries to take by force what he believes is his right to be laird, and the woman he believes he loves to be his wife.
Keegan and Seona’s love story is sweet and chaste and Keegan tries to woo Seona knowing her father will never agree to the match but loving her so much he knows he has to try. We meet Seona’ s younger sister and learn of their abuse at their fathers hands.
Again Vonda Sinclair’s tempting tales of love and adventure in the highlands will have you laughing, crying and loving right along with characters both new and old.
The Highland Adventure series is just what a highland romance should be. I am certain that I am not the only one who prays for more…..
If youre reading this review and wandering if you should try these books then the answer is a resounding yes, give this series a go you won’t regret this series, ever.

My Notorious Highlander (Book 5)
Chief Torrin MacLeod vows to possess and wed the spirited lady who stole his heart the previous winter. But Lady Jessie MacKay wants naught to do with the dangerous warrior, no matter how devilishly handsome and charming he is. When Torrin arrives unexpectedly at Jessie’s home, along with Gregor MacBain, a man Jessie was formerly handfasted to, she is thrown off-kilter. She never wanted to see either man again, but now they are vying for her hand. Torrin promises to protect her from the devious MacBain, but how can she trust Torrin when she has witnessed how lethal he is? The more time Torrin spends with the strong and independent Jessie, the more determined he is to win her heart. Once she allows him a kiss, he feels her passion flame as hot as his own. After she knows Torrin better, Jessie finds herself falling for the fearsome Highlander. But the odds are stacked against them. The sinister MacBain is bent on kidnapping Jessie, making her his bride and killing Torrin, while Jessie’s conniving younger brother, Haldane, is determined to use Jessie to take over the castle in his older brother’s absence. Jessie fears she can never be with the man she loves, while Torrin will do everything in his power to ensure they are together forever. In his heart, she is the only lady for him.

What more can I say? What a treat the Highland Adventure series is, in book 5, we find the end f Haldane and peace comes to the highlands bringing babies!!!!
It’s refreshing to see the man the one certain of his feelings. It is Torrin who knows that he will do anything to have Jessie as his wife, and he really does have to work hard to convince her.
Give me this series of books any day, with handsome warriors and courageous heroines. Time we’ll spent!
Further congratulations to the wonderful Vonda Sinclair who continues to delight with her amazing work.
Now I just have to wait for the next book, I’m excited to learn Rebbie’s story, I’m developing as big a soft spot for him as I have for Lachlan.
I’m tempted now to simply return to the beginning and read the whole series again!!!

My Rebel Highlander (Book 6)
Known for his wicked wit, fierce loyalty, and skills in battle, Robert “Rebbie” MacInnis, the Earl of Rebbinglen, loves freedom and has no plans of marrying anytime soon. But when his father, a powerful Scottish marquess, signs a contract betrothing Rebbie to an earl’s young daughter, he is furious. If he has to marry, he’s determined to choose his own bride, though he has no inkling who he would wish to wed until fate intervenes to remind him of one fair-haired, nameless beauty and the passionate night they spent together years ago. A night forever etched in his memory. Lady Calla Ferguson, a penniless widow with a young son, is forced to seek employment as her cousin’s companion in order to pay her late husband’s massive gambling debt. Having been ignored or mistreated most of her life, Calla has become a resourceful survivor who will stop at nothing to get what she wants—safety and security for her son and herself. Wealthy merchant, Claybourne cares little for the money the Earl of Stanbury owed him; he simply wants the earl’s beautiful, voluptuous widow and he’ll do whatever it takes to get his hands on her, even kidnapping and blackmail. When Rebbie happens upon Claybourne abducting Calla, he rescues her and hides her in a secluded castle deep in the wild Scottish Highlands. Calla conceals her passionate spirit beneath reserve and duty, along with closely-guarded secrets which, if exposed, could ruin both her life and her son’s. Years ago, she lost her heart to a dark-eyed stranger she never thought to see again, but now he’s her protector. Rebbie craves another pleasurable night like the one they shared in the past, and she cannot resist the fiery passion that echoes deep in her heart and soul. Soft but strong, Calla sparks within Rebbie a desperate hunger and a need to protect her. But will her secrets tear them apart?

I have not yet reviewed this book yet, I refuse to do so on the first reading but if you stay tuned I’ll get round to reviewing. First I want to reread the entire series in order. Vonda’s books just make you want to sink into their oages again and again and again….

Amazon Bio below..

05e2fd8157030ad8986c1d_L__V364970336_SX200_ Vonda Sinclair’s favorite indulgent pastime is exploring Scotland, from Edinburgh to the untamed and windblown north coast. She also enjoys creating hot, Highland heroes and spirited lasses to drive them mad. Her historical romance novels have won an EPIC Award and a National Readers’ Choice Award. She lives in the mountains of North Carolina where she is no doubt creating another Scottish story. Please visit her website at!

Sunday Review – Allie Brosh – Hyperbole and a half

So I thought long and hard about what to review.
Ok, I’m lying, I didn’t.

I DID initially plan to review a film or something. I was thinking about how I’d only reviewed book, unless you count forcing the poor husband to cook! But I just felt like crap and realised it probably wasn’t a good idea to do anything too taxing.

In my ‘feeling down and low and sorry for myself’ state I pulled a book off my bookcase that always makes me smile.

Book Cover Final three

I found Hyperbole and a half as a website back in 2010, I think it was..
I came across this, I forget how.

Anyway it lifted me and I went straight to reading her whole blog and followed it. So it seemed only right that when a book was published that my preorder was in!
Book Demo

Allie writes and illustrates her childhood, animals and her own struggle with depression in a way that is candid, honest and brings a smile to your face.
There isn’t a huge amount you can say to review this book. It’s great. If you read her book you’ll love it! If you haven’t read the blog then why not.

Get over there, blog and book, I promise you won’t regret it.

I owe a huge personal thank you to Allie, I only hope there’s more to come!


I’m Cheap!!!!

For those that know me this will come as no suprise but I’m cheap.


Yeah, one and the same thing right?


This is what I like to see. This is the price I like to pay. I don’t want to be cheap and cheerful, for a change I’d like to be rich and miserable.


See above picture? I would be so HAPPY. I LOVE books!!!!

Which gets me back on topic.

I’m actually paying for this book!

Now, obviously I haven’t read it yet but expect it soon!!!!!!

Product Description

Lily’s epilepsy means she’s used to seeing the world in terms of angles — you look at every surface, you weigh up every corner, and you think of your head slamming into it — but what would she be like without her sharp edges? Prickly, spiky, up-front honest and down-to-earth practical, Lily is thirty, and life’s not easy but she gets by. Needing no-one and asking for nothing, it’s just her and her epilepsy: her constant companion. But then her mother — who Lily’s not seen for years — dies, and Lily is drawn back into a world she thought she’d long since left behind. Forced to renegotiate the boundaries of her life, she realises she has alot to learn — about relationships, about the past, and about herself — and some difficult decisions ahead of her. ‘An eviscerating debut novel . . . Its fast, furious plot, kaleidoscopic imagery, blunt observations and a wry, ingenuous, hugely compassionate heroine make Electricity a breathtaking assault on the senses’ Guardian ‘An energetic debut, bristling with talent . . . It’s black, savage, funny and rather uncomfortably haunting’ The Times ‘Ray Robinson’s Electricity is a thorny, uncompromising novel, with attitude. It is also — thanks to Lily O’Connor, its sharp-edged, hard-living, tough-talking narrator — mesmerising, uplifting and unexpectedly tender’ JIM CRACE
I’ll let you know how it goes!!!!

The Tin Man – Nina Mason

I reveiwed Nina Mason’s last book here and now I’m going to do her next.





The Tin Man – Nina Mason

Synoposis (taken from Amazon)

Product Description

The last thing Alex Buchanan, the editor-in-chief of a formidable news site, expects as he looks around the newsroom at the bodies of his editors, is that he’ll soon be teaming up with The Ball Buster to solve the crime and stay alive. Well, maybe not the last thing. The last thing he expects is to fall for her or any other woman. Because he’s The Tin Man–a suit of armor without a heart. Or so he believes… The Ball Buster is his private nickname for Thea Hamilton, a smart, gutsy, and insecure investigative reporter for The New York News, America’s newspaper of record. They went out once years ago–an unmitigated disaster during which she jumped all over his case about smoking. When events force them together, they embark on an emotion-charged, high-octane quest for the truth, ending up in bed, but also in the clutches of a sociopathic corporate raider. “Zeus” is obsessed with James Bond and owns a hardcore S & M club in an old fallout shelter. Is he the killer? And, if so, what’s his motive? What he hopes to gain by torturing the journalists is clearer: the proof they’ve uncovered of a corporate takeover scheme that threatens the future of democracy. And he’ll stop at nothing to get it.

Firstly, I told Nina herself that I expected to like this 2nd novel more than her first and I wasn’t mistaken. Now don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed her first novel, The Queen of Swords but I do love The Tin Man just more.

This is a completely different style for Ms Mason and another she has excelled in!

Realistic, believable characters transport you through a variety of twists and turns so complex your head will spin. And yet Nina does it with such style!

Not for the faint hearted, this is a fast paced, dark tale that delves into the very lowest dregs of humanity and pulls you out the other side. There is no cutting corners with the characters, these are not your run of the mill happily ever after sort. They’re real and they’re gritty.

Murder, suspense and political turns wind you deeper into the tangled web of deceit that is portrayed in America today showing the false and sometimes seedy world of journalism and how the “freedom of the press” works, delves and is sometimes denied.

A complicated attraction takes place between the two main characters. One sprouting numerous issues as they try to fight their rising sexual desire for one another whilst investigating the horrendous murders and kidnaps.

For a fiction work, Nina Mason succeeds in raising real issues in a thrilling plot that will have you on the edge of your seat and contemplating the true struggle of the.. umm.. ‘excrement’ attributed to major coporations and press, not just in America but worldwide.

She also hits on mental health and post traumatic stress with a wonderful realism that shows that Ms Mason has yet again done the research involved with two traumatically affected characters.

If you haven’t yet read this then I advise you to waste no time in purchasing it, you won’t regret it!