My new puppy Vida and a big sorry to readers.

So you all know I’ve been waiting for my puppy Vida to come home. Well she’s here!!
I’m going to be concentrating mainly on her for the next week or so, helping her settle in.
I am still writing. I know there has been a long wait for book two, Ebha’s story but there is something I just don’t like so I’m trying to redo a bit in the middle and then make sure it stills flows with the rest of the book.
I would never release it until it’s right so I’m sorry but you are going to have to wait a bit longer



My beautiful girl came from the fantastic breeders Tracey and Andy at Honiahaka.


In memory of Jazz


Yesterday (Sunday 17th May) I lost my beloved dachshund, Jazz. And then this morning I woke for the first time without her.
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My little Jazz is with me all day, every day. We spend every minute together. Literally!

Early on we found she was sensitive to my epilepsy and changing moods.  She became my constant companion and so the prospect of being without her hurts.

A lot.

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So now I need to learn to be without her. And i need to find a way to remember that she’s no longer in pain. Wherever it is they go she’s happy there.

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So whilst I spend a while in my thoughts of my happy little doggy I leave you with some pictures of her.
To make you smile.

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