Review – Silence – Natasha Preston



Review – Silence – Natasha Preston

We’ve all had the moments in time when for some reason or another we can’t talk. Pain or fear or another emotion overcomes us and the words just won’t come.
It feels safer that way.
But what if the words don’t come for a day? Or a week? What if they don’t come for years, what if it’s safer that way?
And what if, in the middle of all of this you’re a teenage girl? If you’re struggling to not show the major crush you have on your best friend because you’re just not good enough.

“He was perfect, and I was broken.”

This is life for Oakley.

Holding her secret so close its eating away at her.

“I actually believed what he was saying, he was that good at lying.”

What if the one person who should always protect you doesn’t? What if he’s the reason?

Oakley’s story proves that sometimes a dad doesn’t protect his daughter. Because he isn’t the one physically harming her doesn’t mean he’s not abusing her.

We watch as Oakley explores new , stronger feelings for Cole. We see her struggle to convince herself that he means it when he tells her he loves her.

“His eyes locked on my lips for a second, and he tangled his fingers in my hair.”

And just when you think it’s alright. That her silence doesn’t need to be a problem, Cole receives a phone call he could never expect.

After being silent for over a decade, Oakley’s voice brings a tale so heartbreaking you won’t be able to stop your tears.

“Everyone went silent and just cried. It still felt like a nightmare.”



Review – Falling for a Bentley – Adriana Law


Review - Falling for a Bentley - Adriana Law
"The basement is where I make my birds."
Victoria was a completely normal, overlooked teenage girl until she begun to date Colton Bentley, the most popular boy in school. 
Apart from her accident.
"A scar, a limp,  a bad hand, inept social skills, the list goes on.."
Whilst he seems happy, she seems more interested in keeping her demanding mother happy. Colton seems to want different things than she does, and he wants her to be something she isn't. 
"Every little detail has to be right."
Just as she makes the decision to put an end to their charade of a relationship, Colton's parents die. How can she break up with him just when he needs her most?
Encouraged by her mum to stay at his and help in any way she can, Victoria soon discovers her Bentley isn't everything she'd hoped. Nor is his uncle or cousins.
Sometimes she just wants to be herself, not to have to hide behind the carefully cultivated facade she has erected.
"I'm okay.
 I lied."
Everything was moving sedatley along until the death of Colton's family shows up. An uncle who clearly disapproves of her, one cousin who is a friendly, flirty type of character and the other cousin...
Sterling Bentley is everything mother's warn their good girls away from, so why cant she turn away? Sexual tension radiates within every encounter between them.
"I might combust in my seat if he doesn't stop staring as if he can see through to my soul."
Running away to his LA apartment with him she takes on the role of friend. Surprised by the ever increasing depravity of Sterling's life she is desperate to help him. Not just because she's falling for the brief glimpses of the real Sterling she occasionally sees, but because she really does want to be his friend. She really does care.
"And even though I know I shouldn't, I do. I do want him."
We flick between Sterling and Victoria's viewpoint. Sterling calls Victoria, Phoenix.
"But Phoenix isn't just any other girl."
We also meet Starr, who could have been something important to Sterling romantically if they hadn't both been drug addicts. Starr is now clean and getting on with her life. Victoria and Starr become friends as they hunt out Sterling who has been missing for four days. 
Then we get to go through home rehab with him. And experience everything from his and Victoria's viewpoint.
"Never in life have I seen someone's body drive them to intentionally destroy it."
Just when it seems the worst is over, just when Victoria and Sterling's relationship moves onto the next level, it all becomes too much.
"'Tu es mon feu' I whispered.
You are my fire."
Victoria's world crashes.
When you can't save the guy you love from himself, how long do you fight the facts? Then she suffers a family bereavement.
"I'm on autopilot with only one thought, and that is to get home."
Back at home, with her mother's support, Victoria makes the decision that any relationship between her and Sterling is over. Finished.
"He walks away thinking time will change things.
He's wrong."
Life moves on. About a year or so later Victoria has her own woodcarving store.
Volunteering at a meeting for recovering addicts she is surprised by the reappearance of Sawyer, then Starr. And who is in the parking lot?
"I take off running, throwing myself into his arms."
Sterling Bentley has come to share his story with other recovering addicts.
"Addiction doesn't discriminate."

Review – Glynnis Campbell – The Shipwreck



Review – Glynnis Campbell – The Shipwreck

Outcast by her brothers and stripped of her home and lands for birthing her  “‘bastard viking spawn'”, Avril lives on the coast with her four year old daughter, Kimbery. They live on what they can scavenge from the sea. Theirs is a hard, lonely existence but Avril is coping well and is proud of providing a life for her beloved daughter.
The morning after a violent storm the pair comb the shoreline. Avril hopes to discover part of a broken boat, or useful kelp. Kimbery on the other hand is certain she’ll find mermaids treasure.
Neither expected their find..

“Mama! It’s my da!”

The half dead, wealthy looking, blonde man was undeniable in his viking origins. He was not Kimbery’s father but that mattered not to Avril. All viking men were cut from the same cloth. They all raped and pillaged and invaded.
All she could think of was protecting her daughter from this man and any shipmates who came searching for him.

That’s how Brandr came to return to consciousness tied up in the small home on the shore.

This tale shows that you can’t always judge one man by his countrymen. How Viking and Pict can come together. How they can discover love in the most unlikely of places and put past hurts behind them to create s stronger future.

“As improbable as it seemed, the two of them – captive and captor, mortal enemies – had somehow done much more than find common ground and an uneasy peace. They’d fallen in love.”

Review – Where’s the zombie.



Review – Where’s the zombie.
Illustrated by Paul Moran
Written by Jen Wainwright
Designed by Angie Alisson and Zoe Bradley

February 11th – Worry for Dr Peters who has been quarantined.  February 20th – Fear the Dr, his parents, his wife, his four children, a cat and dog.
So we’re hunting the pages for the ten zombie members of the family and told there are medical kits to help cure.
Looks like a bit of a laugh and the illustrations are fun so I’ll give it a shot!

Picture search one – March 3rd and were at the quarantine centre.  The details are great. In amongst Dr’s, nurses and people in biohazard suits you have blood splatters, infected falling from ceiling, a man throwing up on the floor…. A lot of work obviously went into making the scene full and believable.
So we hunt for the family… I found granny, grandpa, dad (the Dr) and one of his twin daughters quickly. I also found 4 medi packs.  I found two more medi packs but no more family members. I hunted for ages and found many other zombies but not the ones I was looking for. I did have to go back to the family pictures to remember why they all looked like.

Picture two – ah ha! I seen why I’ve done. It’s the other half of picture one!!!!

So more picture  one – there’s a man who appears to be getting his bum looked at by a Dr and a bunch of people in the back stood in their underwear. There is also a flimsy looking pen full of zombies. These people have obviously not watched as many zombie films as me, I’d be running the opposite direction!
I found six medi packs but was distracted from looking for the family by the couple in wheelchairs. He’s ok, she not! Zombie gram (not from the family we’re looking for, we already found her) appears to be chasing her husband!
I found mum and dad, it must not have been him I found in the first one. I found the second twin and the older sister.
Looking back over the entire two pages off the picture I found the dog but the boy and the cat continued to remain hidden.
I gave up. I went to the next picture.

The real picture two – March 8 and were at an event in the park. Crazy town thinks to do this after last week’s hospital fiasco? Dad, son, granma, older girl, one twin, grandpa and dog were found easily enough along with 7 medi packs. I got distracted by all the little details happening in the pictures. There’s a mugging and a woman teaching her kid to walk amongst the chaos. I found the second girl but the cat…. He’s good, I still can’t find him!

Picture 3 – March 17 and these crazy people still aren’t hiding but are instead heading to the shopping mall! There’s some brilliant little scenes, a woman knocking a zombies head off with nothing but her handbag, a zombie in a mascot suit. It took a little longer and there were more infected to hunt through but I found the family and I found the cat!

Picture 4 -March 22 – high school. Picture 5 – March 30th and we’re finally in an improvised bunker at the underground train station. Picture 5 – March 31st – looters in main street. Picture 6 – April 4th – farm.  Picture 7 April 10 th – white house! Picture 8 – April 16th – supermarket. Picture 9 – April 22 – motorway. Picture 10- April 28 th – plane crash in the Sahara.

Each picture is getting harder and taking more time. And as you look carefully through the images there are so many fun little scenes.

April 30 – street front, May 2 – rooftops, May 5 – sewers, May 6 – laboratory, May 9 – zombie nest/hideout, May 12 – mountain stronghold, May 15 and the zombies have won!

The next few pages show the answers and give you extra things to look for.

I had a lot of fun with this where’s the zombie book! It’s addictive though so only start if you’re planning on going through the whole thing!

Review – Stranded with a Scotsman – Serenity Woods – A short story



Review – Stranded with a Scotsman – Serenity Woods – A short story
Cori and Ewan have a past that neither of them managed to really put behind them. Whilst Cori is visiting her friend Izzy, who just happens to be Ewan’s sister, she is shocked when it isn’t her friend who picks her up but was in fact her brother that she still has feelings for. They went to some causeway and got stranded by the tide leaving them stuck til it went back out. (I do think this was intentional on Ewan’s (behalf)
It’s sweet and caring and at times you want to bang their heads together till they realise they’re just waiting for one another.
The characters are portrayed well but a little wishy washy for me. But then I’m the sort of person who’d have stood up to her dad and would just tell the guy I liked him! That’s me though and I do like Cori’s naivety. She’d never of followed him and got stranded without that innocence.
Halfway through the book they finally kiss and admit they missed one another during  game of truth or dare.
The truth game continues and we learn about the high class type of lifestyle Cori comes from and how it feels stifling to her. And she admits the man she is expected to marry in a few months doesn’t hold her love.
He convinces her not to marry the fiance (Henry I think, at least something like that) and you get the expected moment when they confess their feelings for one another.
I don’t really know exactly how o feel about this. O knew it would be short, it’s a short story so it would be. However I was still strangely disappointed. I just want a bit.. more.

Review – Masturbation – Zachary Rowell



Review – Masturbation – Zachary Rowell

Written in a sing song rhyming way it’s a lot of crude fun!
There are cheeky little illustrations as well to make you laugh. Crude but incredibly funny. Obviously it’s for more mature people as it does have sexual content. (If you didn’t notice this by the title you’re in serious trouble!)

Review – Iain Rob Wright – Ravage



“First people got sick. Then they got really sick.”

” Still it’s probably nothing to worry about. People get sick all the time.”

If you don’t know already the suspected terrorist attack on the cruise liner, Spirit of Kirkpatrick, is from the book by the same author, Seasick. It is not necessary to the book to read Seasick first, but it’s a nice little fact, I think. Jan’s son Damien is a character in Final Storm. I love how Iain Rob Wright uses connections like this.

Nick Adams is our lead. Unsatisfied in his phone shop managerial job he seems to nevertheless be a nice guy. Going home to his wife and son he does seem worried as they’re both becoming ill with what is presumed to be a particularly virulent flu bug. Accidentally killing his rabid son he is unable to reach emergency services and then has to combat his rabid wife.
Things are not going well for Nick.

There is a nice and realistic feeling to Nick. He seems exactly like a normal bloke and you go along with him as he struggles to cope with and understand the devastation happening around him.
We meet Eve and Dave and Pauline as well as the other passengers on the bus that Dave drives. We see their first deliberate violence against the infected and the confusion and effect it has on them.
We hear Nick make the old horror movie mistake. “I think we’re through the worst of it. This day can’t get any worse.”
Never, ever mention those words. Things can and do ALWAYS get worse.

“I think crazy got invited to the party today.”

Introducing Annaliese in part two and allowing us to follow another characters point of view and experience of the virus is refreshing and appreciated. We watch as she finishes a gruelling shift as a zoo vet and how she first comes into contact with the infected.

“The sudden fright sent shockwaves of adrenaline through her veins.”

“Like a starving animal, he sunk his teeth into her windpipe, cutting dead her screams and reducing them to a pained gargle.”

‘Annaliese shook her head. “This wasn’t your fault.”
“No,” he said, thrusting the bloody meat tenderiser in her face. “You’re right. It’s your fault.”

We’ve seen Nick risk himself to save the other members of his little group of survivors and bore witness to Dave attempting to be the group leader. We now see this with Annaliese as Shawcross attempts leadership and Anna is willing to risk her life so her small group of survivors have a chance to escape to safety.
I like that the settings are real. Nick ‘s house, the road, a bus, a hotel, a small animal park/zoo. Real places were you may attempt to remain safe and hidden during the whole end of the world zombie apocalypse thing.
I love that Annaliese’s character is flawed. She’s not a perfect hero. She has suffered in her life and she turned to drink to cope.
The scenes that involve her and Lily the orangutan are written so well. Seeing Lily loose her family too was heartbreaking in a way that only a skilled writer could make you feel.

“If we leave them down there to die, then we become the monsters.”

Part three reverts back to Nick ‘s view point. It shows the two groups of survived coming together.
I feel I need to point out that although this is a zombie horror, the zombies themselves are secondary to the trials of coping with the unexpectedness of the end of human life as we know it. It feels like so much more than a standard novel about zombies, Iain enthralls you with the dynamics of people and the complexities of the intermingling of people who would not normally mix.

“Their hands touched. Lily’s rough fingertips slid over the cold flesh on the back of Nick’s hand. She let out a soft hoot.”

The add of Lily brings a much deeper sympathy. You see people connect with her in so many ways and each is touching. I love the description in these scenes that capture you with a little bit of wonder in the otherwise bleak world of survival.

“You can’t stay here for long Lily. I’m sick, eventually I’ll get dangerous. But I think you understand that. For now though I’m glad you’re here. I hope you make it out of this mess better than me.”

Watch as power threatens to corrupt in even these dangerous times. See how the group divides and who makes it out.

Don’t stop after the epilogue. Read through Path of Infection Seasick to find out how Nick ends up in line after the boat explosion. This novel can stand alone but as I mentioned earlier Seasick explains what came first, and is set on the boat Spirit of Kirkpatrick, the one that exploded on the Mediterranean. Then the story continues in Savage.

Review – The noodle kitten art series – Ryoko San.

(Using the title pages copied from Amazon.)



Review – The noodle kitten art series – Ryoko San.
This is an easy book to review. Inside is Ryoko’s version of famous paintings starring cats as the main focus. On the second page of each drawing he gives artist name and painting title of which he was inspired along with a little info on that painting.
Cute, colourful and a little informative.

Nina Mason – The Duke’s Bedevilled Bride – Reveiw

Firstly I must inform that the only reason I have awarded a four and not five star is personal preferences. I’m new to the more erotic temperance of romance but if anyone could tempt someone to this genre it would be Nina Mason!!!!! She weaves an intricate tale that flows brilliantly and combines romance, erotica and a strong sense of fact.

Before any reveiw can even be contempated I must again tell you how much I appreciate the work that Nina puts in to her research. This is displayed not just in this book but in them all and each time I read work by her I am again overjoyed with the factual aspects.

Before any reveiw can even be contempated I must again tell you how much I appreciate the work that Nina puts in to her research. This is displayed not just in this book but in them all and each time I read work by her I am again overjoyed with the factual aspects.

With a beginning that introduces you to the varying heights of passion and life for Maggie and Robert you know instantly the tempo of the book. Within the first chapter alone you see passion, bravery, fear and love all combined in a spellbinding tapestry that points out the writers skill and the development of characters you already had the joy of falling in love with and are now further committed to.
Nina places importance not just on the well researched erotic practices but also describes to us the differences between the glitz of London society as opposed to the quiet of country living.
Speaking of the erotic passages, they are well thought out, well researched and fit fluidly into the tale woven.
With the introduction of Robert’s brother Hugh and his french bride we meet two moree characters who are explored in details which Nina is happily known for.
By the halfway point of the book your distaste towards the actions of the supposed ‘good’ brother, Hugh will leave you in disgust and yet I cannot help but be enthralled by the way the characters are so well thought out and portrayed.
The whole book focuses on a firm mixture of sex and punishment woven around the intricate love of both Maggie and Robert. The tale of the love between the newly weds is refreshing. Far from the ‘happy ever after’ this love portrays the realism of a real relationship, counting in arguments and distrust as well as the lighter feelings.
I’ll not spoil this story with details but allow me to tell you that the ending battles and further concerns for the couple leave you in a state of spellbinding anticipation for the next installment.

My overall opinion? Yes there is sex but seeing as how it is an erotic romance there was obviously going to be some. It is handled superbly with strong work having been placed in keeping it enjoyable to read and factually correct and informative. There is nothing offensive.
This installment also contains some upsetting scenes as Hugh’s deplorable actions against Maggie are told.
All in all this pleasurable tale is a definate reccomendation if you are interested in this genre. If you are easily offended by sexual natures then I wioiuld suggest that this erotic story is possibly not for you.
I would strongly reccomend this book and thank Nina for the pleasure of writing it for us all to enjoy.


C is for…..


C is for Ceci!!

Ceci Giltenan

I actually found this book whilst searching for a factual book concerning the clan Ruthven. I bought it on a whim thinking it would pass an evening at some point.
I owned it for rather a while before attempting to read it.
But after a few pages I was hooked and couldn’t put it down, I have since re-read it about three more times, loving it and the depth of characters that Ceci Giltenan has created more and more each time.
You will be drawn into Katherine and Niall’s love story but you’ll also love the other characters you meet along the way. Little Tomas is very sweet, but I also desperately wanted to know more of Fingall, Tadhg, Turcuil and Father Colm. Maybe one day these characters may feature in more stories? You never know!
A big thank you must be said for Ceci Giltenan for her wonderful, heartfelt story that encompasses love, betrayals, action, adventure and suspense in the highlands of Scotland.